Workshop Descriptions

Basic Workshop:

We teach you the basics of running and setting up a canvas shop. Everything you need to know to get up, running and selling canvas at a profit. We teach you sewing techniques, patterning. The base bimini teaches important fabrication skills that can be applied to many variations. The basics of proper frame design are covered. We fabricate two biminis in the shop from start to finish. 3-Days $1,150 per person

Bimini Enclosure Workshop:

We teach you our unique method of building a bimini enclosure in one step using our proprietary "flip trace" method of creating bimini visors. We also teach you how to use our large binder to dramatically speed up quality enclosure fabrication. This is an advanced workshop, sewing skills or our Basic Workshop are required to attend. We set up a frame, pattern and construct a bimini enclosure in the shop during this workshop. The techniques covered are very unique and this is an excellent workshop for those established shops that would like to refine their skills. Our most popular workshop! 4-Days $1,450 per person

Dodger Workshop:

This is an advanced workshop geared towards those shops that would like to add high quality sailboat dodgers to their knowledge base. Dodgers are a profitable addition to any shop. We will set up, pattern and fabricate both a Traditional Dodger and a California Dodger from start to finish using our unique methods. We teach you some of the challenges sailboats and sailors present and how to address each one effectively. 4-Days $1,650 per person

Hardtop Enclosure Workshop:

This advanced workshop is geared towards those students that would like to learn to fabricate track to track enclosures. We will teach you the latest quality fabrication techniques. These skills are a necessity for the larger sport fishing boats. Your work will stand out from the crowd and increase profits for your shop with these high end fabrication techniques. Sewing experience on an industrial sewing machine is required to attend. 3-Days $1,250 per person

Cushion Workshop:

We teach you the basics of patterning, cutting and sewing all types of box cushions. We teach you how to angle to fit a hull, make up welt cord and align corners correctly. We also teach you to cut foam correctly and stuff your covers the easy way. Cushions are a profitable addition to any shop and help fill the long winter months. They are also excellent for shops that are just getting started as they are fast and easy to make once you know how. 2-Days $950 per person

Pattern Angle Workshop:

For Advanced Hood System Users Only. This is a three-day advanced canvas extravaganza and additional angle workshops will be added as demand dictates. Subjects covered will be diverse according to group input and as time allows…  This course puts the one step Bimini Enclosure Workshop on steroids.  Included patterning with darts, two-step bimini enclosure with zips stitched on patterns. We will fabricate a forward enclosure that tucks under the windshield with all the tricks to save time patterning and fabricating. 3-Days $1,350 per person

Canvas Bag Workshop:

This new workshop and will focus on #8 Duck Canvas Bags with colorful trimming, such as Duffles and Tote Bags that we have made for years and are extremely popular designs. All students will take home the Duffle and Tote that they make. Time permitting we will make other bags such as ditty bags or a travel bag. Bags are a fantastic way of expressing appreciation to good customers, gifts and to promote your shop. This past teaching season we hosted three private bag workshops, one in Charleston, SC. 2-Days $950 per person

Private Training:

Mark and Deb are available for private training at our facility in Merrimac, MA or at your shop. This is an excellent workshop for prior students or established shops that would like to improve their fabrication skills. We can tailor our training to any of the areas of custom fabrication that your shop would like to learn or improve upon. Our private training is scheduled on a time available basis. The cost is $950 per day for private training at our facility or $900 per day plus airfare and hotel if at your shop.