Our orginal large binder on left, latest edition on right, considerably refined and smaller

Large Binder Sales - Purchase Here

Our original large binder we developed more than 25 years ago and has undergone constant refinement to make it the best available for quality marine canvas fabrication. It bolts on and off with a single screw without any other modifications to your machine and runs like a charm. Our large binder feeds directly onto the edge, automatically creating the facing on both sides, saving countless hours of fabrication time. Finishing to one and a half inches, our large binder is the mainstay of our fabrication method for finishing both the tops and sides of our enclosure panels as well as hiding all the zippers. We have sold countless large binders to both our students and to fabricators across the country and overseas, who use them on a daily basis. Many shops have 3 or 4 of our binders on site and use them daily to speed up quality fabrication of enclosures.

Our price is $620, it includes free shipping to anywhere in the continental United States. If your shop would like one, you need to send $620 out of state or $658.75 within Massachusetts. Payment can be made by sending a check or using our Pay Pal link at the bottom of this page. You also need to e-mail us your contact info and address, so we can send you a receipt. Our binders are hand made to our exacting specifications and we try our best to have on hand for immediate shipment, but always best to check with us prior to ordering.

Cheers! Mark & Deb Hood


Large Binder Setup Video